Filipino food and style of cooking evolved from its long history of migration, settlement, colonisation, occupations and its Austronesian origins. Using indigenous ingredients, cuisines were adapted from different influences to suit the local palate.

Azon – a Filipino-inspired restaurant in the heart of Parnell. Our aim is to share the culinary treasures of the Philippines with a contemporary and modern touch. "Sticking to the roots and cooking from the heart", is what chef Leo Fernandez intends diners to feel, offering an over-all experience crafted with love.

"Halina at maraming Salamat po."


Wednesday ‘Barkada’ Nights

Bring your friends for a Barkada Celebration Platter.

Enjoy a group platter to share with 4 imported Filipino beers at only $45. Available every Wednesdays 3-10pm.

Azon Barkada Nights Group Platter
Azon Barkada Nights Group Patrons
Azon Barkada Nights - Live Filipino Music
Azon Barkada Nights - Live Filipino Music

BARKADA — noun (in the Philippines) a group of friends / company / squad / circle of friends.

Origin, from Spanish barcada ‘boatload’.
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112 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland


We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30am - 10:30pm.
Dinner service starts from 5pm.
Closed on Sunday & Monday.


Use the booking form above to reserve your table or phone us on 09 283 0648.
Email us for all other enquiries.